Features of technology translation

Traditionally, literature and translation have been closely knitted. Recent years advancement in language technology has benefited translation work. More technologists are motivated and moving towards developing advanced, complex algorithms for translating languages to a high standard of literacy. However, technologists or technocrats are not language specialists. Even with artificial intelligence built into translation software, literature… Continue reading Features of technology translation

Chinese translation software in 2017

Youdao dictionary 7.0 (link: http://xiazai.zol.com.cn/down.php?softid=313019&subcateid=50&site=10&checkStr=e8cb4c697f67a460b&pos=downloader_main&rand=a73c3f) This software has been downloaded over 8.6 million times. It is in Simplified Chinese and free for use. Most recent update was in 12 January 2017. The platform includes Win7/WinVista/WinXP/Win8 operating system. Kingsoft Dictionary (link: http://xiazai.zol.com.cn/down.php?softid=92130&subcateid=50&site=10&checkStr=255d95a25db12961f&pos=downloader_main&rand=65708e) This has been downloaded more than 23 million times. It is free and in… Continue reading Chinese translation software in 2017

Create website with multiple languages (WordPress)

In the old website (synergy-focus.com), different folders and filenames were used to to keep same content in different languages. E.g. translation_en.htm (English), translation_jp.htm (Japanese), translation_cn.cfm (Chinese), which I have different files to maintain and support. Every slight change to the web design requires updates on every file. After migrating the website to wordpress, maintaining the… Continue reading Create website with multiple languages (WordPress)

OmegaT Translation Memory Vs Anaphraseus Translation Memory

We focus on FREE translation memory tools. While CAT tools such as TRADOS and Wordfast are widely used in the translation industry, free open sourceTM software may be utilized as alternatives of such major CAT tools. We pick up two software called OmegaT TM and Anaphraseus TM and discuss on their advantages and disadvantages. OmegaT… Continue reading OmegaT Translation Memory Vs Anaphraseus Translation Memory