Create website with multiple languages (WordPress)

In the old website (, different folders and filenames were used to to keep same content in different languages. E.g. translation_en.htm (English), translation_jp.htm (Japanese), translation_cn.cfm (Chinese), which I have different files to maintain and support. Every slight change to the web design requires updates on every file.

After migrating the website to wordpress, maintaining the site in multiple languages got simpler and more efficient. I installed a plugin named qTranslate-X. This plugin offers a way to maintain dynamic multilingual content on a WordPress site. qTranslate-X provides language switching buttons on applicable admin editing pages, which, once pressed, make all the text of multilingual fields to be filled with the language chosen.

I can edit my web pages in my desired language by switching the tab below the text editor.

My front page in English


My front page in Japanese


My front page in Chinese


Watch the step-by-step video on qTranslate-X below.


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