Translating your important business documents for presentations

Business presentations are mostly created in PowerPoint format and used in sales or training purposes. Sales presentations are especially important as they are usually presented to potential clients. Hence the translation must be done well and correctly. An experience translator will think and see the presentation from a customer point of view, considering all words… Continue reading Translating your important business documents for presentations

Translating employee handbook

A typical employee handbook consists of 9 essential sections. These are disclaimer, company mission statement, conduct standards, policies (anti-discrimination, sexual harassment, leave, disciplinary, etc), compensation, employee benefits, workplace safety & security, non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and conflict resolution. The terminologies used in the translation must be rigorous, concise and precise in order to convey important rules,… Continue reading Translating employee handbook

Types of foreign documents which may require translation certificate

Translated document for legal use may sometimes accompanied with a certificate issued by the translator or language provider. This is usually a signed statement declaring the translation is accurate and true presentation of the original document. The following are some examples of the document types that may need to be certified. [Immigration use] Police records,… Continue reading Types of foreign documents which may require translation certificate

Translating renewable energy content

As more countries are investing into renewable energy, the demand for translation in this industry grows very quickly as well. Translating documents for renewable energy requires good understanding of renewable energies’ glossary, terminologies and types of document generally used in this industry. Some common documents needed for translation are collaboration agreement, tenders, legal, technical standards,… Continue reading Translating renewable energy content

Upcoming Translation Conferences 2020

AITCO 2020. Feb 7-8, 2020. Arusha, Tanzania. The first Africa International Translation Conference (AITCO) was held in 2019, hosted by the East Africa Interpreters and Translators Association (EAITA). Established in 2016, EAITA is a regional association of interpreters and translators in East Africa. Due to the immense success of AITCO 2019, EAITA will organize another… Continue reading Upcoming Translation Conferences 2020