Translation Copyrights

Translation copyright is a legal term adopted by many countries for protecting the rights of original publication that includes “to produce, reproduce, perform or publish any translation of the work”. To translate any copyrighted work, translator must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Else, originator may seek remedies for copyright infringement. There are work from… Continue reading Translation Copyrights

Legal translation

Legal profession is guided by the principles of conduct and these principles embody the key ethical requirements on firms and individuals who are involved in the provision of legal services. There are various types of legal documents such as contract, affidavit, agreement, trademark assignment, etc that states some contractual relationship or grants some rights. Terms… Continue reading Legal translation

Language translation: Modern and traditional style

Every translator has his/her own literary style and most often than not, this is reflected in his/her translation work. There is perhaps, no single paragraph put together without revealing the personality of the translator. Among translators who grew up in the non-internet age, their literary works are often aesthetically and artistic. Words are effectively and… Continue reading Language translation: Modern and traditional style

Picture translation

Document translation often include text images which are typed out in small quantity. Otherwise, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), such as OmniPage, is used for text recognition and extraction on desktop computers. The light weight version of this technology is also available in mobile devices. WeChat, a multi-purpose social media app, has a camera-based translating feature… Continue reading Picture translation

Machine Translation

Google translation engine is now 60% more accurate than its predecessor tool, which used Phrase Based Machine Translation (PBMT). Since 2016, Google introduced Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT), which is a neural machine translation that uses artificial neural network to increase fluency and accuracy. In a random test, a paragraph was selected from an online… Continue reading Machine Translation